There are 8 public computers available (2 Macs and 6 PCS).  One is located in the Teen Room. Our computers have high speed internet and Microsoft Office Suite.

We have three iPads that are for in library use only.  They can be borrowed for 2 hours at a time.  One is intended for children and is loaded with child friendly apps.  Two are loaded with apps meant for adults such as a newspaper apps, and chess.

We believe sometimes it is better to test drive something before you buy it. They are also great to take on trip if you don’t want to lug heavy hard covers on a plane!
We have two Kindle Fires available as well as two regular Kindles.  These can be borrowed for two weeks and we can help patrons choose content from Overdrive to load onto the devices.
We also have a Nook touch available.
The Teens have a special Kindle paper white that is loaded with some of the Isinglass and Flume Teen Read Award books.
Check out our StarBlast telescope and see spectacular views of the night sky! The telescope can be borrowed for 7 days. The New Hampshire Astronomical Society has graciously helped us maintain our telescope.

Kill A Watt Detector:
Take the first step to lower your electric bill and emit a smaller carbon footprint by borrowing our Kill A Watt Energy Detector.  You can find out exactly how much electricity each device you have is using.

**The following Makerspace items are not available to borrow.  They are used only during Tinker Times and other programming.**

LEGO Mindstorms:  You can code these LEGO robots to perform commands, follow a pattern, or simply walk and talk. Or, use the remote control to take one for a spin.

Ozobots: These tiny robots use colors and patterns to tell them what to do.  You can use markers to code their paths and also use fun iPad apps to learn how to code!

littleBits: littleBits use color coded bits that snap together to create circuits.  You can make things like a robot car and voice activated bubble wand!

Snap Circuits: Snap Circuits makes learning electronics easy and fun! Just follow the colorful pictures in the manual and build exciting projects, such as FM radios, digital voice recorders, burglar alarms, door bells and much more! All parts easily snap together on a plastic board to create your circuits.

3D Doodlers: This pen draws in 3D with plastic filament.  It's really fun to create charms,  3D models of your favorite animals, or anything else you can think of!

MaKey MaKey: Everyday objects become much more than they appear with MaKey MaKey.  Make a banan piano or play a video game with play dough! These small circuit boards allow you to create many fun activities!