The Welcoming Library
I'm Your Neighbor
We are proud to announce we are the first library in the state to host the Welcoming Library.   We are hosting The Welcoming Library, I'm Your Neighbor for the month of June.  This is a new project that highlights the lives of New Arrivals and New Americans through sharing children's literature.  By reading and engaging with children's books, readers of all ages and backgrounds can experience immigration, acculturation, and cultural celebration. Fiction, from picture books and novels, allows readers to see themselves and others in a way that changes the culture of Belonging and Welcoming.

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The 28 books on the display can be borrowed for a period of two weeks.  After June 15th, the books will need to be read in the library to ensure they are all here when we have to pass the exhibit on to the next library. 

April and May Children's Room Newsletter

Storytime will return the last week of June!