Most materials are checked out for two weeks. Adult magazines are 7 days.  DVDs and Blue Rays are 7 day rentals.  There is a .20 cent fine for each day a movie is late.  There are no fines on late books.  Please see our circulation policy for more information.
Overdue DVD and Blu-Rays $.20 cents/day
Overdue Telescopes/eReaders/Museum Passes $1.00/day
Lost Items Replacement Cost + $5.00 processing fee
Replacement Card Fee $1.00
Printing and Copies B/W $.15 cents/page
Printing and Copies Color $.50 cents/page
Disc Clearning $2.00/disc
Meeting Rooms Free for non-profits. $50/day for organizations
Non Resident Fee (family card) $20.00/6 months or $40.00/year

We are committed to providing a wide variety of services to our diverse population. 

We circulate books, audiobooks, DVDs, blu-rays, puzzles, magazines, etc. We have a travel section, Great courses DVD’s and book companions, popular TV series, and more! A telescope is also available for check out!

The library holds programs that are in the best interest of the community. Please see our events calendar for what is currently going on!

We offer free public wireless internet as well as 8 public computers (6 PCS and 2 Macs).    We have a black and white copy machine.  All b & w print outs and copies are .15 per page.  Color copies are .50 per page and can be used with the help of library staff. Please don’t hesitate to ask! The library offers DVD and CD cleaning services for a nominal fee.

Pease is part of the NH downloadable books consortium and offers e-books and digital audio books through overdrive. Additionally, Kindles are available to check out from the library.

Our Maker Space materials are always evolving.  Currently we own three 3D printers, VR glasses, 3D doodlers pens, Ozo bots, LEGO Mindstorms, littleBits and more!

We have a very active children’s room! We hold storytime 4 times a year for toddlers and preschoolers.  The summer reading program is a great program for all ages, readers or not! This program runs June through August.

We offer meeting room bookings to local community groups and museum passes to our patrons.

Additionally, we offer interlibrary loans (borrowing items from other libraries in the state).

Our Durgin collection is a specialized collection of business books generously funded by a trust from the Durgin family.

Downstairs at the library, we have a book sale room. These are books that are donated by our patrons and include paperbacks, hard covers, non-fiction and more! This room is only available when the library is open.  Please ask at the front desk if the door is locked. There are additional books for sale upstairs at the entrance of the library.